Thank you for taking the time to visit. Trumpet lessons are available for students anywhere! If you are not close to or in Central New Jersey, have no fear. Lessons are also available via online video teleconferencing for anyone, anywhere, and they are effective as lessons in person. So take about 1 minute to fill out your information below, and I will contact you to let you know what I can offer you shortly after you submit the form. No commitment necessary, no money up front, and no risk! So scroll down and give it a try!

Hello! Please share a few things with me to help me get to know you a little so I can let you know what I have to offer for You as a private teacher that will put you as a musician where you want to be in a hurry! Fill out the form below and submit.

You are not committed to anything by submitting the form. I will contact you shortly after receiving your information via e-mail, but even then, know that there is NO commitment required there either, and I will respect your wishes whether you would like to go forward as a potential student or not.

Also, please browse my website so you can get to know me as well and what I have to offer! Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Rates are flexible, but average around $1 per minute, which is reasonable and average for music lessons in New Jersey.

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Mr. Tyhurst possesses critical knowledge and experience in many areas of the performing arts that make him an outstanding educator, producer, and performer.  These abilities together with effective interpersonal skills provide him with the necessary expertise to deliver quality instruction or leadership at any level of performance, and in all contexts including individual, small group, and large ensemble.”

Frank MileyFine Arts Coordinator, Berkeley County School District, South Carolina (Retired)

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